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Fine Art Photographer

I'm Eduardo Vega Colon

Rather than talk about myself in the third person let me be real and direct.

I take pictures and write and, sometimes, create the occasional DJ set because I want to be able to say of myself that I'm a photographer, writer, and electronic musician.

The time for identifying myself as a disabled veteran of the first Gulf War has passed.

The time for identifying myself as a man who used to be a technology consultant has passed.

The time for identifying myself as someone who survived and struggled in the aftermath of 9/11 has passed.

Bushwick Collective. Brooklyn. New York City.

I am my experience but not my pain

And I am not a victim.

Before it all, I was a teenager with a love of photojournalism and carried my Nikon FM2 everywhere I went.

Before it all, I shared my poems at open mic readings throughout New York City's Lower East Side and afterward, I'd dance all night long to house music and sometimes be asked to DJ until the sunrise.

I'd been broken once before, after the Gulf War, but all those things were the gold that had joined back together with the pieces of my broken spirit and in the years after 9/11, I realized I needed to do the same, again.

Portrait photography

My Experience Shapes My Vision

Every human being has had experiences that have left them feeling broken. Kintsugi is at the heart of my work as a photographer and creative. I find people who have endured, who have survived, to be the most beautiful. I have made it my life's purpose to show others through my photography that they are not broken. They were never been broken. You are beautiful in your imperfections just as you are.

I want to echo the sentiment of the poet, Allen Ginsberg, when he wrote, "when did you ever forget you were a flower... Sunflower, you were a sunflower."

A sunflower will always be a sunflower regardless of the grime described in Allen Ginsberg's poem, Sunflower Sutra and so too human beings will always be human beings, regardless of the grime life may make them feel.

About Eduardo Vega Colon

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